Advanced Science Cell-Signaling
Delivers Anti-Aging Skin Care Breakthrough




This is a 3 step system for hair regrowth, consisting of a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner which works together to prepare the scalp for the Foliplex serum. Visible results can be seen within 30 days of use. 


The latest in medical science and stem cell research have resulted in a revolutionary, cellular-signaling compound. After years of clinical testing our proprietary Activating Peptide Complex-4™ anti-aging formula is now available. This world-class skin care breakthrough has triggered unprecedented youthful results.

LED Masque

LED red light penetrates the surface of the skin with no heating effect, no tissue damage and no known detrimental side effects, while directing bio-simulative light energy to the skin cells which then convert photo energy into chemical energy to promote skin renewal by directly stimulating the skins natural regenerative processes.